COURSE MODULE 2. A 2-hour OOC Module 2: Why do we need plurilingual approaches in HE?

The aim of Developing OOC Module 2 (PR3) was to create a 2-hour open online training-the-trainers module for HE in-service teachers that is dedicated to providing a knowledge- and evidence-based answer to the question: Why are plurilingual approaches needed in HE? OOC Module 2 provides didactical materials (texts in 7 languages, audio material, interactive self-check questions and activities) and self-supported training possibilities that will raise HE teachers’ awareness of the need for and usefulness of plurilingual approaches in HE, both in (foreign) language classrooms and in multilingual classrooms.

The module enables the project team to disseminate important and novel information on why plurilingual competences and embracing all languages are important in HE, what benefits we gain from plurilingual learning, what challenges we might face implementing plurilingual teaching. The didactical materials provided and online training possibilities on the topics that are new to HE teachers will enable a rise in HE teacher awareness, enhance HE teachers’ competences to teach languages and to deliver other non-linguistic courses more efficiently in a multilingual HE environment; consequently, it will allow for learners to develop their language skills more effectively, while increasing their inclusion, autonomy and motivation, and fostering positive intercultural attitudes.