COURSE MODULE 1. A 4-hour OOC Module 1: What is plurilingualism?

The aim of the 4-hour Developing OOC Module 1 (Project Result 3): What? is dedicated to provide a knowledge-based and evidence-based answer to the question: What is plurilingualism? OOC Module 1 provides materials and training possibilities for HE teachers to raise their awareness of, and to collect, provide and disseminate knowledge on the fluid concept of Plurilingualism in higher education, multilingualism and language policy, multilingualism, knowledge transfer and creation, diversity and inclusion in the HE context, multilingualism and language learning: plurilingual competence in HE, approaches and strategies of plurilingual teaching and learning (and knowledge construction in general).

The material is provided in various medias: texts (translated into 7 languages); podcasts; multilingual interactive tasks, self-checks and tests. The module enables the project team to disseminate important and novel information on languages in HE in Europe aimed at our target groups and enabling a rise in awareness, that is currently lacking, namely: what is plurilingual competence, i.e. what HE teachers need to know, what skills they need to have, what kind of values and attitudes they should foster to be able to teach through the use of plurilingual approaches, involving the various languages and cultures existing in the class, embracing national learner languages, while increasing their autonomy, inclusion, and motivation, and fostering positive intercultural attitudes. The course material demonstrates the advantages of plurilingual learning as compared to monolingual one.